WEIDPLAS is known for molding technically sophisticated plastic parts.

WEIDPLAS is truly a pioneer in plastics. We started to process plastics in the 1930’s, and since then we have continued to refine our technologies and processes for design, manufacturing and program execution. Today, the potential applications for multi-functional, multi-material plastics components are limited only by imagination.

Ideas for new or improved products are converted into realities by the WEIDPLAS Development team. This process is enabled by our highly advanced CAD/CAM/CAE technologies and our advanced injection molding processes (Multi component IM).

The combination of different materials – elastomeric and non-elastomeric – and advanced manufacturing processes enables us to produce novel solutions utilizing the latest technologies and design. In the vehicle interior, for example, plastic/metal composites create a high-grade look and feel. (True Metal Decor).

Injection Molding

With more than 80 years experience in injection molding, WEIDPLAS has developed a range of unique and innovative technologies for leading customers in the automotive and other industries.

Multi-component injection molding allows joining several plastic materials with different properties in one process step. At WEIDPLAS we have more than twenty years of experience in the combination of thermoplastics, thermoplastic elastomers and liquid silicone rubbers for many applications in different industries. Depending on design, part dimension, material combination and quantity, the most appropriate multi-polymer injection molding technology is used, such as:

  • Core back technology
  • Transfer technology
  • Rotational mold technology
  • Index plate technology

Metallic Decorations

Premium in-mold decoration with metal foils in combination with plastics

This technology was pioneered by WEIDPLAS and we have been making parts using thin metal foils which are back-molded with plastic materials for more than 10 years.

In comparison to other production technologies for components with “cool-touch-effect” (true metal surface), metal foil back-molding is a major step toward fully automated production of final components (no assembly operation). Benefits are reduced weight, optimized costs and greatly expanded design options.

WEIDPLAS has state-of-the-art knowledge to develop and produce in-mold decorative parts with metal foils, such as:

  • CAD design
  • Simulation
  • Prototyping
  • Tooling
  • Material Selection
  • Handling of foils
  • Injection molding process