General Terms and Conditions


With an annual purchasing volume of about 100 million CHF, purchasing is an important function for WEIDPLAS.

We focus on:

  • effective purchasing management
  • strategic selection of suppliers
  • effective purchasing processes
  • creating long-term relationships with our suppliers
  • sustaining our competitive advantage

To achieve these goals we depend on the support from our suppliers and system partners who

  • contribute
  • supplement know-how
  • work out technical simplifications
  • develop standardizations
  • offer cost-reducing alternatives

We constantly update our supplier base in the following areas:

  • Raw Materials
  • Engineering Plastics
  • Commodity Plastics
  • Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • Stainless Steel Strips and Foils
  • Aluminum Strips and Foils
  • Auxiliary and process materials
  • Packaging Material
  • Contract processing
  • Galvanization
  • Injection moulding
  • Painting
  • Handling equipment
  • Injection moulds
  • Conveying systems and equipment for material management
  • Engineering Services
  • Transportation Services

Our general purchase conditions: