Markets and Technologies


Automotive & Industrial applications

In the early 1980’s WEIDPLAS was a pioneer in developing the two-component injection moulding process.  Our first production part was introduced to the automotive industry in 1985. With this development WEIDPLAS demonstrated an ability to anticipate emerging trends and support customers expanding needs.

Today all of our application, engineering, tool making and process technology expertise go into our partnerships with leading automakers and industrial customers. For example, we develop and implemented ready-to-mount water deflectors, air ducts, seals, cable guides, and a variety of other application subassemblies. In addition, to multi-component functionality, weight and safety are always of paramount importance – especially as regards fuel economy and impact protection. These two, often-conflicting, requirements can be ideally satisfied with engineered composites that have precisely defined flexibility, elasticity and strength characteristics.

The combination of different materials like plastics, elastomers or fabrics and advanced manufacturing processes enable us to produce novel solutions utilizing the latest design and technologies, our latest example is our  in-mould decoration process with metal foils.

In the vehicle interior, our plastic/metal composites create an innovative look. Plastic components with aluminum/chrome/stainless steel elements can be combined to achieve light weight as well as stunning effects. The challenge, then, isn’t simply to perform a particular function while fulfilling ambitious aesthetic demands, but also to simultaneously showcase the automakers corporate identity while meeting and exceeding vehicle performance requirements. Attention to the smallest details combines quality with the emotional factors that underscore today’s automotive marketing.