Purchasing Strategy

With an annual sourcing volume of about 100 million CHF, sourcing is an important function for WEIDPLAS.

How we understand and live Sourcing:

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Global Sourcing Roadmap

Commodity Group Management | Strategic Supplier Management

Raw Materials

Capital Expenditure

Injection Molds



Commodity Group Strategy

Project Purchasing

Development Phase

Project Purchasing

Series Production

DE-Treuen, CH-Rüti, US-Auburn, BR-Piracicaba and partner sites in DE, CZ, ES, PT, IT, US, CN, ZA

To achieve these goals we depend on the support of our suppliers and system partners.


We focus on:

  • effective sourcing management
  • strategic selection of suppliers
  • effective sourcing processes
  • creating long-term relationships with our suppliers
  • sustaining WEIDPLAS’ competitive advantage

Our suppliers and system partners contribute to:

  • supplementing know-how
  • technical simplifications
  • standardizations
  • cost-efficiency and price-reduction alternatives

We constantly update our supplier base in the following commodities:


Raw Materials (resins)

  • Standard thermoplastics PP and PET
  • Technical thermoplastics PA 6/6.6, ABS, PBT, PC
  • Thermoplastic elastomers SBS, SEBS, SEPS, SEEPS, MBS, TPE-O, TPE-V
  • Polyurethane
  • Lacquers and foams

Capital expenditure

  • Injection molding machines
  • Automatisation devices
  • Welding devices for thermoplastics
  • Foaming devices for thermoplastics
  • Conveying devices and dryers
  • Tempering devices

Injection molds

  • 1C standard
  • 2C coreback
  • Stackmold
  • Spinform
  • Metalfoil tool
  • Windowframe tool
  • Silicon
  • Prototype mold


Standard parts metal

  • Turned parts, bushings
  • Clips, clamps, quicklocs
  • Springs
  • Screws, nuts
  • Current-carrying parts
  • Magnetic components

Standard parts plastics

  • Retainers, plugs, trim pins, clips


  • Foam parts
  • Felts, fleeces, insulation mats
  • Textils and converters
  • Heat protection
  • Absorbers


  • O-rings
  • Rubber parts
  • Extrusion parts


  • Adhesive tapes
  • Protective foils
  • Hot stamping foils

Components (continued)


  • Filters

Metals, panels, foils 

  • Stainless steel foils
  • Aluminium foils
  • Meshed metal, perforated foils
  • Emblems, die casting
  • Alu applique
  • Sheet metal works

Electronics, mechatronics 

  • Actuators
  • Cables
  • LED modules
  • Conductor board
  • Speakers


  • Services Logistics providers, services
  • Packaging
  • IT services, electronic data interchange
  • Freight services
  • Consulting