Rinspeed’s concept vehicles, featuring innovative ideas for personal mobility, have become a fixture at the Geneva Motor Show. In 2015 WEIDPLAS was again participating in this innovative technology platform, which this year focused on the relationship between man and machine.

The budii demonstrates diverse possibilities for networking and interaction between vehicles, passengers and the environment – a true “friend on wheels” you can rely on to handle lots of details for you and make life easier.

Flat light guides from WEIDPLAS at the front and rear of the vehicle reinforce the emotional impact of the , and their playfully exaggerated effects suggest many future possibilities for customizing vehicles and signaling various conditions with lighting technology.

A single 3D molded and homogeneously structured light guide between the headlamps enlivens the vehicle, while the lighting area integrated into the rear reflect the vehicle’s character in a highly differentiated manner with a combination of fine structures, uniform areas and animated dot-matrix elements.

Homogenous light areas and high-resolution graphics are implemented using OPTIBACK computation software together with a multitude of outcoupling elements with dimensions of 12 to 50 μm on microstructured light guides. The freely controllable arrangement of light guides, which can provide both homogeneous light distribution and finely structured graphics, enables a wide range of effects to signal the status of the . The color and position of the illumination are independently adjustable for each light guide. The dot-matrix elements enhance the effect with animations and act as the tail lights of the vehicle.

The light-guide structures and dot-matrix elements are only visible when active and are concealed by a smoke-gray acrylic panel when quiescent.

Visit http://budii.rinspeed.eu for more information, pictures and videos for this project.