We are again participating in the Rinspeed Concept Car in 2017, this time under the umbrella of TECHNIPLAS. The 23rd of its kind has been re-designed from scratch and will once again be full of interesting technologies

The use behavior of vehicles as well as the perception of the vehicle as a mobile space is changing with the increasing spread of communicating, supporting and autonomous vehicles.

Visual effects are an important area of ​​communication of the vehicle with the environment. Based on the OASIS rear window, WEIDPLAS is able to demonstrate potentials with the help of micro structured light guides in order to combine high functionality and communication capability with attractive vehicle design.

In order to provide a clear vehicle design at the rear of the OASIS, the lighting functions are not generated by separate taillights but are integrated into existing surfaces. Due to its position, the rear window can be used as a large area for information about the vehicle surroundings.

Virtually invisibly structured light guides enable a rear window, which is transparent in the unlit state. If necessary, powerful LEDs and micro structured areas are used to decouple the lighting functions required at the rear, such as taillights, turn signals and brake lights.

Information on the vehicle environment, however, must not only be driving information, it can also be status messages and messages to potential or already assigned users. At OASIS, these symbols can be presented in the rear window by means of a further structured layer.

Let us be surprised again this year how the Rinspeed OASIS provides new ideas for discussions and thoughts about the mobility of the future. Further information on this and the previous projects can also be found at www.rinspeed.eu.