Rapperswil, December 1,  2014

Dear valued Business Partner,

With the sale of WICOR’s Automotive & Industrial Division on May 14, 2014, WEIDMANN Plastics Technology joined the TECHNIPLAS Group. We are now pleased to announce that the separation from WICOR and integration into the new group will be reflected with a new name.


Why WEIDPLAS? Our goal with this name is to maintain a reference to our past while simultaneously focusing on our future. The name WEIDMANN has stood for Swiss quality and reliability in the plastics processing industry for many decades. The first part of our new name, “WEID”, retains a part of this brand image. At the same time, “PLAS” is a clear reference to our new owner.

As part of this change, the legal forms of the individual companies have been harmonized. Please see the attachment for more details. We start on 1 December 2014 with our new name in Switzerland, Germany, the US and South Africa and all other locations will follow one by one.

Our General Terms and Conditions remain unchanged, as well as all contracts concluded with WEIDMANN Plastics Technology AG remain in full force and effect. In Switzerland and South Africa the VAT and UID numbers as well as the DUNS numbers remain unchanged. In the US the Federal ID number and DUNS number have not changed. In Germany only our VAT number is changing, the UID number remains unchanged.

The name WEIDPLAS combines a proud history and a promising future. It forms a bridge between our successes in the past and a future which will continue shaping together with you.


Thomas Freiburghaus
President and CEO

Download PDF: news-weidmann-weidplas-info-eng-12012014